The Forest at its Best

Fall 2010

The majestic iridescence that is seen in the forest in autumn is one of singular enchantment. Each day brings a freshly painted display of original rareness. The maples gleam in their blush red or purple leaves. The poplars stand erect in their ostentatious radiance of yellow and orange hues. The oaks in there impressive refinement dominate the grounds in their magnificent splendor.
You would hear the clamor of birds warbling their ebullience and squirrels clattering nonsense, or the bellowing of dogs promulgating that winter is near. The ants are hastening to secure the last of winter provisions. Deer bound contentedly about in their jaunty manner, or glean from the lingering greens of the year. The brook gurgles down its labyrinth design in utter ignorance of all the frenzy for the approaching winter. The whole forest is proclaiming that winter is near each in its own unique fashion. 

Penned by Hannah
December 1, 2010 (Yes, I did write this 2 years ago.)
Fall 2011

         Note: Pictures taken by my dad!


  1. That is great! A very good descriptive paragraph!
    Your Friend,

  2. I really love the pictures!! I don't remember last year being so amazingly awesome!!


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