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First to introduce you to one of my new favorite musicians. I recently stumbled upon David Hicken's music the other day and have fallen in love with it. Here is one of my favorites of his, Canon in D and Ode to Joy. If you like this one than go check out more of his music. I love listening to music like this. I am like one of the worst musicians there are, but I think that gives me all the more love for those who can play music so beautifully. I love listening to beautiful melodious sounds because I know I will never create it myself. Canon in D is one of my favorite music pieces even though it almost makes me cry every time. I can listen to Canon in D over and over again and never grow tired of it. I think I am coming to the conclusion that David's are amazing musicians. Ok, so probably not all of them are, but several of my favorite musicians are Davids (David Mclintock, David Hicken, and a friend named David who probably doesn't know that I think his music is so

Fighting for Joy in Chaos

Five Minute Friday I really don't remember what was so funny, but apparently something was quite funny. A paper stands glooming in the forefront of my mind. I need to write an abstract for another paper assignment. I need to write a response to a church meeting from last Sunday. I have loads of reading to do. Not to mention Greek lessons and diagraming and Greek vocabulary. All of these things are due for Monday morning and I wonder how it is ever going to get done. I have plans for the weekend and I am struggling to come up with thoughts fro my paper, not to mention the hours of research that I have to do for it and I have only just begun, yet In all the hectic chaos of college life, I contemplate the word "Joy". Can there be joy in researching and writing papers? can there be joy in working on grueling Greek? Can there be joy in this crazy chaotic time of my life? Yes! Yes, there can be joy. There can be joy in all of the craziness, in all the pain, in all th

The Gentleman

The other day, I was working at my deli job and needed to take a couple bags of trash and some boxes out to the dumpster. Now these bags did not hold light garbage. I don't know what my deli is throwing away throughout the day, but one of those bags in particular was heavy, like really heavy (and I promise I am not a wimp) (you're also probably wondering why in the world Hannah is talking about trash and garbage. Haha! Keep wondering! ). So as I am carting this garbage to the dumpster, I am thinking "I sure hope I can actually lift this bag higher than my head and into the dumpster" (I am like short, so things always are more complicated than they should be) and secretly hoping that a fine young prince riding on a white horse will come along just in time to save the poor damsel from breaking her arms and back. Well, he wasn't riding a horse, but..... So I get to the dumpster and along comes this dude who was going to the dumpster as well, and he asks me if

I love You Little One

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, so here is a poem I wrote for all the women who have lost a child through miscarriage. I have several friends who have had a miscarriage along with my mom as well who has had two, so I wrote this with them in mind, but I pray this would bless all who have lost a child too soon.   Tiny little toes, tiny little fingers, Tiny little ears, Tiny little mouth. Little child, little baby, I’ll never watch you grow any more. You’ll never see the light of day. Never see the moon at night. Never hear the lullabies I wanted to sing you, Never fall asleep in my arms, Never cue, never laugh, never smile, Not on this earth anyway. You went to the father’s home to soon, Or so it feels that way. There were stories I was going to tell you, Memories we were going to make. There were adventures we were going to have And lessons I was going to teach you. You were supposed to grow into an adult some d

Grape Leaves, Brooms, and Poets

Working at a Lebanese owned market and deli has provided me with some interesting experiences, given me the chance to try some unique salads and foods, and made me laugh more than once or stand in complete confusion, as one of the stories I am about to narrate will reveal. But first unique foods... Stuffed Grape Leaves. How many of you know what that is? Ok, so maybe some of you actually know, but I personally had never heard or seen it until I began this job over the summer. And being the sort of girl who is timid in trying new things if it looks at all unusual, I hesitated to try this curious delicacy. Well, a co-worker convinced me to give it a try in my first month or so at the job, but I have refrained from tasting it since, not that it was completely awful, but you get what I mean. Well, today I have been won. The chef had just made a fresh batch yesterday and we pulled them out of the refrigerator today to set out, but she first had to try one because, of course, she is Leb


Trust I think about the word for a few minutes, considering how this word "Trust" affects me. When I think about Trust, I think about all those people, friends or family, who I thought I could trust but have broken my trust, have failed me in some way or the other and, yes, I have done the same for them. People break promises time and time again. But I look up on my wall and read these words, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." Proverbs 3:5. I have that verse there for a reason. To remind me to trust in God because so often I don't. When life is hard, when people fail me, when school isn't going well, when I can't see my future; I look up on my wall and see that verse and I am reminded that there is one that I can trust wholly in, that is Jesus Christ. He has never failed me, has never left me, has never broken a single promise to me, yet how often I fail to trust him completely. I get caught up in

Falling Into Eternity

With sleek fingers, chilling October reached out in the still cold night – Night with its darkness over shadowing the busily bustling city – City full of flurry, busses and taxies driving, frantically grasping for time – Time not waiting for anyone or anything, always steadily moving on – Onward the seasons have marched, through spring and summer – Summer slams schedules straight into the season of fall –  Fall arriving stealthily in the cold blue night of a flustering October.     Fall reaches out and touches me – frail yet tenacious Meticulous and unique, always free, Merrily laughing or dancing in the breeze – Fall gently touches me with a feverish chill.     There I had been implanted amidst a family of many, Filling the largest of a steel oak family tree. There I had hidden all summer long, not a care of the bustling world. Yet I saw the hurry scurry, the timeless worry of too much to do. I heard screeching and screaming, honking and tal

A Taste of the Life of Hannah

Sometimes life is crazy and hard and full of adult stuff. But sometimes its nice to just enjoy life ( not that you can't enjoy life while doing adult stuff, but maybe instead being an adult while using the eyes and heart of a child). Tonight was one of those nights. Today, after getting off from work and turning my paper in on time and taking a shower because work is gross and running to the store to get groceries, after all of that, I decided it was high time I made Sugar Cookies. When it comes to Christmas activities and Christmas music and Christmas baking, things just don't stay in their place for me. For example, I sing Christmas music all year long, I will make Sugar Cookies with Christmas themed Cookie cutters anytime I wish to, if I want eggnog in the middle of summer I will just make it (that hasn't actually ever happened, but it will one day....). December is far too busy a month to squeeze all the best activities and songs and best everything into, so ther

Introducing The Gray Havens!

Just in case you may be in search of some good clean music, I here offer you the beauties of The Gray Havens. Not super well-known, but this is a Christian young couple who writes their own music, often being inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis or J.R.Tolkien. They have a folk-pop style and often their songs are telling a story that have a much deeper message. This song that I am sharing with you is one of my favorites (but all of them are my favorites. :) ), but hopefully as you listen and read the words you will be able to pick up the message in it. I love the last line! So enjoy and make this your new favorite musicians. ;)           The color-coded town, They had one rule no grays allowed, It was a great offense, It brought no compliments,  A stranger to the town he came, And met a girl that very few would say, Is worth thinking of, Still he fell in love,  And he brought her flowers every day, And she loved them, She loved him she'd never felt t