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You Were Her Cowboy

Kind and gentle, Patiently teaching little sister. You were her cowboy. Loving and strong, Manly and tough, And sometimes a little rough. You were her cowboy. Always a smile, Always rejoicing, Laughing and joking. You were her cowboy. Strumming the guitar, Humming, whistling, singing, Writing a melody. You were her cowboy. Working hard, Persevering, Never let life put you down. You were her cowboy. Running the race, Always brave, Embracing life. You were her cowboy. Young and handsome, Her older brother, Her hero, Her cowboy. Written in loving memory of Micah who died 9 years ago today. Although Micah was never really a cowboy, he often wore a cowboy hat and sometimes dressed like one. His characteristics also remind me of that of a cowboy's. Lastly, cowboys are one of my biggest heroes in life and Micah is one of my biggest heroes, so I thought that it would be fitting to call him my cowboy.

An Epitaph To My Pen

Dearest Lovely Left-handers Pen,
Alas, it is with much grief and sorrow that I lay thee down to rest forever more. Thee hast served me well and brought much joy and comfort to my life. Thee hast been a wondrous blessing to my life. Thee has filled many a page with tears of grief or shouts of joy. Thee hast born with me through the thick and the thin. Thou hast been my friend since the blest moment thee came into my possession. Thou hast born well my turbulent and tempestuous thoughts. Thee hast poured forth such beautiful and rich ink, yet alas, tis' time to lay thee aside, for thine ink hast been spent and runneth dry. I loved thee dearly, my lovely left-handers pen. May thee rest in peace forever more. Thy mission hast been accomplished. May the memory of thee live on forever.

                                   Sincerely your left-handed companion,