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A Random Post Just Because

        What did you eat for dinner today?

Flowers in Winter

I have always liked flowers and I always will, but I don't think I have appreciated them so much as I do now. This fresh enjoyment all comes from simply living in Minnesota during winter. Minnesota winters basically consist of snow from November to May. This being my first winter here, I am not sure of all the facts about a MN winter, but I can tell you that not only must we enjoy looking at snow for about six months, but some days are just excruciatingly cold, as in negative 20 or 30 or 50 or whatever. You get the point though. Its cold! And then when the warm days do come (positive 10° is considered warm around here) we get super excited. But it gets better! When the weather gets above freezing, like in the past few days, it gets even more wonderful. I have had the pleasure and honor of stepping in just a few "puddles" of water that ended up being like 7 or so inches deep. That makes for some rather cold wet feet. ;) So all in all, winter is wonder and snow is won

The Cold Dead Heart

He clenched his fist. He shook it at the sky. He let out a horrifying cry. His face turned ashen grey. He turned and walked away. His heart was cold and dead inside.   He ran from Love. Seeking to find happiness. All he found was death and nothing less. A stone cold heart was all he had inside. When he ran from Love, he died. When would he ever come alive?   Love reached out his scar-pierced hand. Pierced for the cold dead hearts. This is where redemption starts. Love took hold of the heart of man. Love held on even though he ran. Love breathed life into the dead.   His heart came alive! Softened, broken, healed inside! Forever freed, loved, loosed, untied! His heart of stone made flesh. His heart was new and fresh. Grace and Love alone can save the wretch.   He looked into the sky. A smile now is on his face. But only because of Love and Grace. He now has happiness that's true. Because his heart has been made new.