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God's Continued Grace in a New Place

Hello friends, I know it has been a super long time since I last wrote, but after a bit of encouragement from family and friends to write again I have decided to take this lovely night to write what's on my mind. Much has happened since I last posted. At the time of the last post I was living in North Carolina with my family. At that time I was pondering the fact that soon I would be leaving my comfortable home in NC to what seemed to be the foreign land of Minnesota. I contemplated how I would be leaving everything that I loved so much; my family, friends, job, co-workers (who weren't just co-workers, but real friends), customers, the land and forest that surrounded me, and so much more. I cried many tears about leaving, and yet I knew it was God's will for me to. I didn't know how I could do it and the truth is I couldn't; not on my own. I know I have already devoted whole posts to the testifying of God's grace, but once again I must say it is all by God&#