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When I was Just a Little Lass!

Hello Friends! I know I haven't posted in ages, (of which you were probably very happy about) but guess what I'm back (and everyone groans). I didn't forget about my blog, it's just that I have had a very busy life and little time to write. Rather, I have little time to write about stuff that others might be interested in. I did recently write a paper, but it is very controversial, so I'm not sure that anybody will really want to read it, but if you are one of those strange people that likes controversial papers, then maybe I'll post it just for you because YOU are special. ;) I actually don't have anything really significant to write about today, as you have probably figured out by now. Just a bunch of random ramblings from a rambler. We were looking through some very old pictures recently and I thought I would share a couple of really cute pics with you. Me feeding my older brother, Gabriel. mmmmmmmmm! Good food! I hope those pictures make