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Those Early Mornings...

Featuring my sister, Lydia, today. Getting up in the morning can be a little rough some times and Lydia is evidence of that....but in no time at all things can be straightened up. No one would ever guess!

A Single's Gift of Singleness

Sometimes I wallow in self-pity and mope around because I still remain single to this day (although, honestly, I am really not that old and so am really not that concerned about it).

I am that girl that has always wanted to get married and have children, but here I sit writing this post as a 22 year old who has never been even asked out on a date (and who also should be doing her homework right now and not writing blog posts at all. Ahem!).
But as I was thinking the other day and most likely trying to comfort myself over still being single, I was struck with just how blessed I am to still be single.
So many of my young friends (many of them younger than I) are either dating, engaged, or already married.
As I thought about it, it struck me that some of these friends have hardly even experienced any sort of single life. Some of them have not even made it through one year of college without being in a relationship.
Although it is by no means wrong to get in a relationship or get married at…

Life Moves on, But God's Love Remains!

Summer is close upon us.
I only have one week left of classes and then finals week. After that I will be going home for a month to spend time with family. That part I am excited about, but not everything about this time of year do I get excited about.
I have discovered that the end of another school year can also mean the end of special friendships, too. And it makes me just a little sad.
It will be nice to have another year of school put behind me, but I also know that summer will be different.
I won’t be seeing the same people each day.
I will still be able to see some of these people, but some of them I may never see again.
Being in college is an interest stage of life.
Each year as the school year closes, there are some friends who graduate. Some friends move on to a different school, some friends move back to their home town, some friends just change.
Even the ones who do come back for the next year, are going to be busier or have other things going on that cause our paths to cross …