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The Micah Series (part 4)

Here is a song that Micah wrote. Deep Inside You already know what you've meant to me You know more then I of my thoughts of you But let me try now to express my love To pour out my heart with the limit of words The comfort you've given is beyond my song And tell of your mercy its worthless to try To express how you've loved me I'd run out of time If there's words that can tell you they're above my mind Chorus: So I'll love You from deep inside The most precious of thoughts in my heart will hide So whenever you look at my heart You'll see a fullness of love that won't depart What can I say of the peace that crushed doubt And the grace I've received is past finding out Since when You called me to enter your rest My heart has to speak cause my mouth can't express You're a mystery to me that I cannot solve An unsearchable tower that will never fall The highest below and the lowest above Will never attain the knowledge of your love

The Micah Series (part 3)

The Character of a Gentleman Although Micah was by no means a perfect man, he did have some wonderful character traits. I will start with humor. Micah had an amazing sense of humor. Micah could make things that for most people would seem boring or painful into an enjoyable and even amusing scenario. If someone was gloomy or having a bad day he always knew how to cheer them up even if he wasn’t feeling well himself. He was great at telling jokes. When everyone else was roaring with laughter he would just keep a genuinely serious face, yet you could tell that his joke got the effect that he was looking for. He loved to serve God and others. He was always looking for ways to serve and be a blessing. At one point when he was sick, he wasn’t allowed to do certain jobs, so instead he would just go find something else that he could do even if no one had asked him to do it. He would often go out of his way to help someone. He loved to worship God. One of his most favorite things to do was

The Micah Series (Part 2)

God’s Grace in or Lives Today, December 17, 2010, is five years since Micah has gone home to be with the Lord. I would like to share with you some things that my family and I have learned through and after his sickness. Through the four years that Micah was sick my whole family learned a lot about just trusting the Lord. We had to learn to trust Him for everything. My dad had lost his job in the second year of Micah’s sickness, so we had to trust God for provision. God never forgot us though. We always had enough. Our church was always there for us ready to help in any way they could. The gifts that we received from our church and other people were abundant. The meals that were brought over were numerous and there was always someone to help or baby-sit if we needed it. God used this time in our life to strength and build up our faith and walk with Him. We had to trust God about Micah. We had to trust Him that He knew exactly how long Micah should live and that He knows what is bes

The Micah Series (part 1)

The Story Micah, my third oldest brother, was born December 22, 1989. It all began on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2001. Micah was climbing down from a tree and grabbed hold of a dead branch and fell 20 feet. He was still alive but in great pain. So he was taken to the hospital, where they found out he had a broken femur, torn spleen, hole in his lungs, and fractured vertebrae. He was in intensive care for six days, and then transferred to a different hospital where they put a rod into his leg and found out that he had ALL leukemia. Micah then started chemotherapy and had treatment that lasted two and a half years. He had to be at the hospital most everyday of the first four months, meaning my oldest brother, Jesse, who was only fifteen at the time, had to watch six children while my mom was with Micah and Dad at work. After about one and a half years he took mostly pills and didn’t have to go to the hospital as much. When two and a half years had past they took out his port and fin

The Micah Series (Introduction)

I would like to tell you about an extraordinary young man. His name is Micah and he is my third oldest brother, who died almost 5 years ago. Before I tell you about him though, I would like to tell you why I am going to tell you about him. First I hope that all those who read his story may be blessed greatly by it and be encouraged and comforted through it. I pray that even though my brother, Micah, has now been in heaven for about 5 years, that his life story may touch the lives of many and bring many people to Christ. I pray that when you read his story and all that I write about him, that you would be pointed to Christ and the cross and that you would see an amazing and powerful God. I will be sharing about Micah all this December. I hope you will enjoy all that you read or see, and be pointed to Christ and His irresistible grace. God bless you!