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Life Moved on Without You

Joining in with Five Minute Friday and the word today is Reflect.   It seems life has moved on without you Yet somehow you are still there, A flash of you comes drifting through the air. From day to day I smile as I remember Once again your jokes, smile, and laughter. I flip through the pictures on my phone, Ten years ago, oh, how time has flown. My hero, my brother, my friend, Reflecting –allowing the heart to mend. I don’t cry too much anymore, But I always remember those days before. But life moved on and I have grown, And while I live in a world unknown, You live in the past where life is a memory And your story becomes a part of history. But I do smile when I remember. Its been ten years on the seventeenth of December

A Beautiful Mess

Sometimes it’s the shy girl Who stands out in the crowd. Sometimes it’s the quiet one Who makes the biggest difference. So it was with this girl Although she did not know. She was quiet, reserved, And alone, but smiled. She was kind and gentle, A friend to every soul she’d meet. Yet little did she know Just how much they noticed. They would hang on every word She ever spoke. They would remember her smile From years long ago. They thought she was an angel, While she thought they did not care. So while she cried alone at night, Her smile was bringing comfort to another. She saw her life as a mess, But others saw the beauty. She thought they wouldn’t notice, But they did. Just because you’re quiet Doesn’t mean that people don’t care. Just because you’re shy Doesn’t mean they won’t notice. You don’t need to be loud For others to see beauty. You don’t need to shout For others to hear truth. It only takes a smile,

Finals Persist, but Miracles Exist

A restless mind and a worried heart, Time is an enemy, life is pain. Worries, and fears – it’s useless but still I persist. Two weeks to crumble, two weeks to break. Will I make it or break it, the question still stands. With fiery eyes and stubborn chin, besides all that Life persists. So tenaciously I cling. Cling to Life, to living Water, Daily Grace, Christ my Savior. Finals upon us, fears of failure, but   Grace persists. Curl up in bed, pretend to sleep off the dread. Nothin’ can stop what lies ahead. Frantically finishing last assignments because They persist. To laugh or to cry, not sure of which to do. Laugh because I can’t, or cry because I can’t, Or DO what I must because I must because Finals persist. I can’t or I can is not the question. I fail or I pass, but God’s grace still lasts Miracles still happen when finals week comes. Miracles exist.