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The Contemplations of a Single Woman

Today has been a rather quiet day. I sit in the house alone, because all my roommates have gone to visit their family over Thanksgiving break. My home being too far away, I stay here. The house is very still; no one to talk to except myself and I am not  one who talks aloud to myself very often, thus, quietness reigns. Many thoughts have gone through my head in the tranquility of it all. Every woman dreams of getting married some day. I can't say that I have not done my share of the same. In fact, being alone some times makes me want to get married all the more, for there is one thing that I hate and that is being in a house all alone. It makes me sad; no one to talk to; no one to listen to; just no one except myself. Some people would love it; they like the quiet; they don't care to talk; they don't want to hear the nonsense of others; they just want a book and a quiet nook. Yet me, I can't hardly even read a book if I am by myself, because its just to lonely.

The Streets of the Forest

Tramping through the woods on a blistery cold morning, gently sweeping her feet through the leaves, smiling into the glorious sunshine, Laughing with the wind. Standing by the creek, Watching as it giggles and gurgles past, She dips her foot into the chilling water, And makes a rippley splash. Sunshine on her cheeks, Wind in her hair, A glow on her face, As she smiles into the wintery air. Crunchy leaves beneath her feet, Pale blue sky above, Surrounded by an army of hickory and oak, walking through the streets of the forest . ~Hannah~  

The Idols of a Christian Girl

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit a Hindu temple with my class. It brought things into reality for me. I knew people worshiped inanimate idols and gods, for I had seen it in movies, read about it in books, and looked at pictures of people bowing down and worshiping these things. But to actually go to a temple and listen to someone talk about these gods that he is thoroughly devoted to and watching people bow down and give donations to these objects made things so much more real to me. It seems foolishness to me! Why would someone want to devote their life to this wooden image that a man created; an object that can't move, can't think, can't even breath, yet so many people are willing to worship and live their whole life in devotion to these gods. It is sad and heart breaking, yet there is something that is almost sadder. As I was pondering how anyone could find satisfaction and true happiness in worshiping these wooden objects made by the hands of men, something s