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Memories Made

  Reading One Thousand Gifts. Sandy toes and dirty feet. Resting in the shadow of His wings.   gnarly roots. Ancient tree by the river. Picturesque moment.   Tranquil moments  held for eternity. Pausing in a life full of hurry. The blue sky peaking behind clouds. Train chugging down tracks. Sand along river. Mississippi water. Color in nature. A friend by my side. Giggles and laughter. A moment etched in our hearts forever.

The Gift of Now

    When I was younger, I wished for the years to fly. I wished to be older. Never satisfied. Now that I am older, I sometimes want to be That little girl again, To play in the dirt, To pick the daisies, Not a care in the world for me. I still am not satisfied, Still have not learned to be content. Always wishing for what I do not have. Always wanting more, Or always wanting less. Wanting back what has already passed Or wishing for the future to hurry up. Never satisfied. But it won't do any good to wish It won't bring back the yesterday And won't bring tomorrow any faster. But today I have And I can live today. I may not have tomorrow. I 'll never have back the day before. But today I have, So I'll live today Like there is no tomorrow And with no regrets of yesterday, Learning from my mistakes Of the day before And rejoicing in the gift of now.