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Guest Post: Meditations on Winter and the Divine Paradox

I am excited to share with you today, the poetry works of my dear roommate, Amanda Sarna! Enjoy!

Bitter chill in frosted air
Could one kill if unaware.
Driving frost escapes the hand;
Distance placed between command.
Crystal flakes are here,
Breaking noise of care.

Ever present is the knife,
Fickle bones to cut with ice.
Growing winds elicit fear;
Given verdict: death draws near.
Fervent shield of white
Errant acts rewrites.

Heeding not torrential cold,
Insists the walk toward death foretold.
Jaded soul, now hedged in rime,
Justice laced, no acts resign?
Image cut and sold
Heralds grace untold!

Amanda Sarna is a sophomore at Bethlehem College in Seminary, hoping to obtain a degree in History of Ideas. Amanda's many talents include ink drawing, cooking, raising squirrels, playing the flute and ukulele, loving kids, and writing poetry (and I am continually learning about more of her hidden talents). My favorite thing about Amanda is her passion for Christ and for his kingdom to come on earth as…