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The Evil New knife

What could be wrong with this new white handled knife, she thought to herself, as she gingerly took and held it in her hands. I only plan to cut lemons with it and it should cut very smoothly. In fact I am quite certain it will make life much easier. If only she had seen the evil grin on the face of that “innocent” white handle of the new knife. She calmly walked up to the cutting board, so sure of herself and the beautiful new knife. She was quite certain that today was going to be quite a lovely day. All seemed well, until the knife slipped on the lemon and sliced her finger. Ouch! The blood that is supposed to stay underneath your epidermis was already oozing out. No, she thought to herself, this was not supposed to happen. She quietly walks to the back and reveals to her friend the wound on her hand. What would she have done without this kind friend who so calmly bandaged her finger? But by this point the blood had gotten to her vivid imagination and her stomach was doing gymnast