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Teach my heart, Lord.

Teach my heart, Lord, To sing your praises Because troubles of life Invade my soul. Teach my heart, Lord, To see your beauty Because life is full Of dirty broken jars. Teach my heart, Lord, To trust in your faithfulness Because all else in life Fails to be faithful. Teach my heart, Lord, To love like you love Because your love Is persistent, unfailing, and true. Teach my heart, Lord, To hold fast to your truth Because Satan will tempt me To despair.     *photo credit goes to an awesome friend of mine. ;)

Garnished with Green

The trees garnished with green. It makes my heart begin to sing. Even though dark days cover my soul, Because of Crime and Punishment I must read for school. Yet sunshine speaks through the cloudy sky As it imparts windows of light And sweet fragrance of hope appear in sight.

Art with Words



Procrastination/College life I write a poem check my email Just to pass the time Read another blog post Play around Waste some time everything will be just fine because      tomorrow We've always got tomorrow Tomorrow comes But I've got tomorrow So I'll just wait a little longer I'll bake some cookies Write a letter Clean the house And smile because because      tomorrow There is always another tomorrow Tomorrows come and go And I have nothing to show I did a little here I did a little there I read a little Slept a little But still no paper I fear because      tomorrow I said there was another tomorrow There is no more tomorrows My paper is due today I panic I cry I say I'm gonna die I wasted all my tomorrows And I still don't have a paper because      tomorrow came and went now it is today.