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On a Mission for God's Kingdom

Hola! I know I haven't written in a long time, but here is a post about my time in the D.R. I hope you are blessed!
Traveling went very well and we arrived in the D.R. safely and with little trouble. Upon arriving at the complex (Score International’s hotel), we were welcomed warmly and refreshed with delicious punch and cheesecake. Day 2 we were able to go to a poor church in a little village and hand out bags of food. We also spent some time worshiping with them and then praying for them. I was very blessed to be among fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, even though we could not always understand what they said. We also went to a nursing home that day and were able to sing with and minister to the elderly people there. I was blessed by there joy and gratitude even though they had so little and were living in such poverty. Day 3 was Sunday, and I had a wonderful refreshing time worshiping with the believers there. Day 4 was our first of four medical days. Each of these days we wo…