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Radiant Grace!

She saw it written across the sky in radiant colors of purple orange and red. She could hear it whispered in the wind. She could feel its kiss from the warmth of the sun. She could touch it in the tiny fingers of a baby as it curls its fingers around her own. Grace! Grace so amazing! Grace so free! Beautiful grace!
When she falls down grace lifts her up again. Even through the tears, grace is there. Laughter would come in the morning! Abounding grace! New grace for each day! Fresh grace!
She looked at herself and saw dirty rags! Sin! She looked at the cross! Grace! Grace that abounded so much more! She was covered in grace!
She smiled! She laughed! She danced in God’s amazing grace! Through tears! Through years! She rested in God’s immeasurable grace!

                                                                                                Resting in His Grace,                                                                                                                       Hannah …