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True Fellowship

"Fellowship? I get fellowship all the time." So often we get so caught up with busyness that we have no time for fellowship. Now you may be thinking that you get tons of fellowship, because you go to church on Sunday, then you have a home school group to go to on Monday and a Bible study on Tuesday and basketball practice on Wednesday etc. and of course you talk to tons of people at each of these occasions (that was just an example). Sure you may have time to talk to your friends at the places you go to each week, but I’m not talking about that kind of fellowship. I’m talking about Biblical fellowship, relaxing fellowship, fellowship where you really get to know someone better, fellowship with the body of Christ where you can encourage and build each other up. We as believers in Christ need to be encouraging each other in our walk with God. “Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Now we exhort you, brethren, war

Favorite Books

Hello Everyone who reads this, I would like to know of some good Christian books to read, so I thought I would ask about it on my blog. Therefore, I have some Questions for you and here they are. 1. What is your favorite spiritual book that you have ever read? 2. What is your favorite fiction that you have ever read? 3. What is your favorite biography or true story that you have ever read? 4. What is your favorite missionary biography that you have ever read? 5. Who are your three favorite authors? I would love to hear your answers to these questions, and it doesn’t really have to be your “favorite ever read book” just one that you really liked. And now I shall attempt to answer the questions myself for anyone who may be interested. 1. Favorite spiritual book – Dug Down deep by Joshua Harris 2. Favorite fiction book – They Loved to Laugh by Katheryn Worth 3. Favorite biography – We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing by Lieutenant James C. Whittaker 4. Favorite missionar