He Hears My Tears

I've pleaded for strength, I've pleaded for grace, For mercy, For hope, I've pleaded for your will to be done, Yet for courage too. I've pleaded for healing, And for peace in this storm. But when I run out of words, And run out of pleas, And the pain is still there, I come to you in tears. Its all I have left. Please, Lord, hear my tears!

Remembering My Gifts

When I am home at last, yet still have plenty of things on my brain to distract me and discourage me, it could be easy to miss the little gifts in life this week and next.

Friday's blessing was a fun day of shopping with sisters and mom, great deals and wonderful finds at thrift stores, my first hamburger from Cook Out ( Yeah, I know! I have lived in North Carolina this long and never experienced their hamburger, but in my defense I was too busy enjoying their milkshakes instead), and a free sugar cookie from Harris Teeter because I am definitely still a kid. And lets not forget the very sticky sweaty woods-tramping we sisters did together in which we tried our best to get lost, but considering we have roamed these woods for so long, it was really near impossible to get lost ( though at one point we thought we had accomplished it).

Friday is now here and its wonderful to have a little sister like mine to keep sunshine in my life. She has the art of making sunshine wherever she go…

And This is Life

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." James 1:17 Another year of school is coming to a close and it has certainly not lacked in its mountains and the valleys. There have been challenges  And adventures And ice cream And chocolate And papers to write And books to read And dishes to wash.  There has also been Hope and disappointment, Repenting and forgiving, Heart wrenching sadness and overwhelming joy, New friends and old friends, Giving up and persevering, Dancing in the rain and weeping in the rain, Trusting and waiting, Learning and failing, And always grace new every morning.

To Write About a Rose and a Daisy too!

To write about A rose, It seems too cliché. A rose! We admire them Every day! We sing our song of A rose, And we liken our love to A rose. Her beauty? Yes! As the beauty of  A rose. Awe, the rose! We sing for the love of A rose. But what about the Daisy? Does the lovely pure Daisy Get any such praise As that one remarkable Rose? Oh, for the love of a Daisy! Sing its song, too! Don't forget that while The Rose May get most of the wonder, There is still the simple Yet lovely little Daisy Shining brightly in the field Waiting to be picked By you. So don't forget to pick the Daisies, too.

I said a Kind Word One Day...

I said a kind word
One day
And I saw the light
That it brought,
The smile on his face,
The joy in his eyes.
I said a kind word
One day
And it seemed
To change a life,
Give life.

I tend to be a joker, a teaser. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh, I can be really sarcastic and sassy. But when it comes to speaking affirmation, speaking an encouraging word, giving a compliment or saying a kind word to a friend, somehow the words always get stuck in my throat and a joke comes out instead. Or sometimes I can manage a nice word, but then just so the person knows I am not really that nice, I cover it up with a joke or a sassy comment. But a few weeks ago I gave a genuine encouraging compliment to a friend and was surprised by how much joy that brought my friend not to mention how much joy it brought to myself to see his joy. When I joke with my friends, I don’t really seem to be changing a life, but when I gave that one genuine compliment, I felt that I was really making a difference, reall…

The City Sunset


Guest Post: Meditations on Winter and the Divine Paradox

I am excited to share with you today, the poetry works of my dear roommate, Amanda Sarna! Enjoy!

Bitter chill in frosted air
Could one kill if unaware.
Driving frost escapes the hand;
Distance placed between command.
Crystal flakes are here,
Breaking noise of care.

Ever present is the knife,
Fickle bones to cut with ice.
Growing winds elicit fear;
Given verdict: death draws near.
Fervent shield of white
Errant acts rewrites.

Heeding not torrential cold,
Insists the walk toward death foretold.
Jaded soul, now hedged in rime,
Justice laced, no acts resign?
Image cut and sold
Heralds grace untold!

Amanda Sarna is a sophomore at Bethlehem College in Seminary, hoping to obtain a degree in History of Ideas. Amanda's many talents include ink drawing, cooking, raising squirrels, playing the flute and ukulele, loving kids, and writing poetry (and I am continually learning about more of her hidden talents). My favorite thing about Amanda is her passion for Christ and for his kingdom to come on earth as…