Oh, To Write Again!

I think I would sometimes like to blame my lack of writing on a big boisterous city that casts a shadow over my creative writing skills. I am convinced that it is the fresh country air that gives breath to beautiful writing. But there is always excuses of one kind or another to ignore the pen and paper. And then again, maybe I never had that skill of writing and only dreamed I did. Or maybe I did, but it is all over and gone to the wind. Or maybe still it is yet there and you have yet to see what I can produce. I still have a tiny bit of a dream that I will some day write a book and then again I really don't know that I want to. Its kind of the same as I feel about farming. I have always had this romanticized view of authors and farmers and thought to myself that someday I should be one. Well, I will probably never be a farmer; I gave up that dream long ago. But there still flickers a flame of hope that I might one day be an author. But alas, an author never sprouts by just sittin…

Married and Home

On May 25, 2018 I married my best friend and only a week before that, I graduated from Bethlehem College and Seminary.

A lot of people warn the bride and groom that their wedding day will be a fog, a whirlwind. But although the day was full, from getting ready in the morning, pictures, the ceremony itself, greeting all the guests, and at last leaving, yet my husband and I look back on that day with pure delight. Everything was beautiful and in my eyes it was perfect. I will love looking back for years to come on that beautiful hot yet happy spring day. I will want to tell my children all the little details of that wedding, from the sunflowers and daisies, to the food and the root beer floats, the family and friends that surrounded us.

Now here I am a couple weeks later, sitting quietly in my first little apartment with my husband, satisfied that the house is very nearly set up and I love its comfort and coziness, even though it may be small. I love that I got to set up this house and…

And this is How One Love Story Began

What better day to write a love story than today.

We met about three years ago. The exact details of our very first meeting I don't remember very well because it wasn't exactly love at first sight for either one of us. He was a young happy freshman while I was a sad despondent old junior.

It wasn't too long before we became friends though. He started serving in the kitchen with me, and became a sweet fragrance of joy and youth in my weary sad drained life.

It seems that the kitchen is a fitting place for two people to fall in love.

I am sure he will never forget the many gifts of "love" I gave him as a dishwasher. Yes, I brought him so many dishes which I pointedly told him was "from the bottom of my heart...... where all the dirt lies." What could get more romantic than that? Right?!?!?!

So we became friends. We played pranks. We did parties. We ate food. And we started sharing each others coffee drinks. (gross!) And I became madly in love with him…

Looking Back...

I wouldn't change anything From the laughter to the tears. Every little memory counts, Every little memory makes A year to remember. Sledding with my sisters, Baking sweet aroma and enjoying every bite. Drawing with children Or snuggling a sleeping little one On my shoulder. Fellowship with friends around A crowded table. Learning, and reading, And drinking coffee to stay awake. Flowers of sunshine on sick days. A brothers wedding. More sunshine for a weary heart. The skies that radiate the glory of God And proclaim his promises and love From day to day. Friends to hold me tight when tears fall fast. Waiting on God's will. Learning to trust him more. Friends getting married. A sister's wedding too. Working hard out doors And getting dirty. Working along side my best friend. Courting the man of my dreams. Learning to be loved And to love and to live in grace.  A sweet friend and a waffle date. Daisies and dandelions And Black-eyed Susan's. Roses, Fragrance of love and…

But Time Can Never Erase You

Time might erase some things, But it can’t erase everything. It can’t ever erase your smile from my heart Or the joy that once You brought into my life, The dance that you put in my steps And the twinkle you put in my eyes. Time may erase some things, But it can’t erase the memory of you From my mind. I may grow old and grey, wrinkled and lame, Or I might die while still very young, But time won’t erase your face Etched into my heart. Time may erase some things, But it can never erase The love that I had for you. And I know that I never loved you As well as I have learned to love another, But it was you who taught me More about love and to love more. It was you who taught me What it looks like to fight and fight hard, To not give up, And to laugh when life brings pain. You taught me life is too short To not love, so I slowly learn to love Yet fail again and again.

Snow Covered Earth

Snow covered earth,
Trees sprinkled white.
Gentle songs of Christmas
Playing all day long.
Sitting by the fire,
Reading quietly.
Winters stillness,
Softest whispers of grace.
Season to remember The Messiah’s birth.

Living Life with Grace

*Note: This is another blog post that I wrote a while ago, but never posted. Yet I have found it encouraging in this particular season of my life, so I think now is a good time to share it. Life can be quite the mystery sometimes. Walking in grace, also holds mysteries. Living in grace means being committed to trusting Christ in all of life circumstances, but sometimes life circumstances just don’t make sense. And sometimes life circumstances throw pain right in the face; cold water in the middle of winter. But in the end we, you and me, still cling to grace and still trust that our heavenly father knows it all and cares. We must look crazy to the world. To trust and to abide in his perfect peace even though life really isn’t so simple, so peaceful sometimes and life really hurts sometimes and life is just plain confusing or messy and mysterious. It seems crazy to be at peace in it all. It seems crazy, but he’s got it all and he knows it all and he really is working it all out and for min…