Washing Blood Stained Hands

She said,
"I can wash these hands
And make them pure again."
So she washed and washed and washed
Her blood stained hands
But nothing could remove the blood from them.
She said,
"We will wash and make these hands
Cleans again."
But it could not be done,
The blood remained.

We say,
"We can wash
And make ourselves clean again."
We wash and scrub and try to clean
Those blood stained hands,
These blood stained filthy rags of ours,
But nothing we do can wash us clean.
We work hard and try to do good.
We try to make wrongs right again,
But nothing we do can make us pure within.

Another's blood must be spilled for us.
Pure blood, righteous blood,
Must be shed for her,
For you, for me.
He can wash us with his
Own shed blood,
His pure and holy blood,
And make us pure again.

No amount of self cleaning
Could cleanse her blood stained hands
Unless they are washed
In the holy blood of Jesus Christ,
Because he could make her whole again.

So dip your hands in his …

Summer Adventures, Courtship, and More...

This summer was full of new adventures, new beginnings, joyous celebrations, dreams coming true, hard work, and long quiet days learning to rest in Jesus more.
My sweet friend from North Carolina, whom I have known since infanthood, got married in May. I myself, started courting a kind, godly, tenderhearted, young gentleman at the end of May. I worked landscaping during the month of June. Then went home for the month of July to spend time with my family before my sister, Priscilla, married the man of her dreams at the beginning of August. I started my senior year of college, while my middle sister started her freshman year. I turned 24 at the end of last week, which was actually quite exciting, but only because my sweet beau made it a very special day to be remembered forever, otherwise, 24 isn’t too remarkable. ;)
Busy as this summer has been, it has also been a very special season to me. Starting a courtship relationship with one of my best friends of the last two years is a unique an…

Southern Delights

Being the southern gal that I am, I have a deep appreciation for the southern culture. And that appreciation and love has only grown over the years especially through the past four years when I moved up North for college and have been able to recognize and take notice of things I may not have noticed if I had not been able to have the experience of a different culture to compare my southern culture to. There are some things about the south that are just stereo types, what everyone not from the south imagines it to be like. Such as, grandmas and grandpas rocking on the rockers on the front porch. Ok, so that actually isn’t necessarily a stereo type because that is actually real. There are particular houses way out in the country that I enjoy passing because there will often be some elderly folks sitting outside in chairs or rockers waving to every car that drives by. But more recently I was attending a small church fellowship event in which I didn’t know many of the folks, so therefore,…

The Heavens Declare

I might be obsessed with the sky. But seriously, I love the creativity God shows in the beauty and originality of a sunset. No two sunsets are alike, yet they are all so vibrantly beautiful. 
Behold the glory of the Lord!

He Hears My Tears

I've pleaded for strength, I've pleaded for grace, For mercy, For hope, I've pleaded for your will to be done, Yet for courage too. I've pleaded for healing, And for peace in this storm. But when I run out of words, And run out of pleas, And the pain is still there, I come to you in tears. Its all I have left. Please, Lord, hear my tears!

Remembering My Gifts

When I am home at last, yet still have plenty of things on my brain to distract me and discourage me, it could be easy to miss the little gifts in life this week and next.

Friday's blessing was a fun day of shopping with sisters and mom, great deals and wonderful finds at thrift stores, my first hamburger from Cook Out ( Yeah, I know! I have lived in North Carolina this long and never experienced their hamburger, but in my defense I was too busy enjoying their milkshakes instead), and a free sugar cookie from Harris Teeter because I am definitely still a kid. And lets not forget the very sticky sweaty woods-tramping we sisters did together in which we tried our best to get lost, but considering we have roamed these woods for so long, it was really near impossible to get lost ( though at one point we thought we had accomplished it).

Friday is now here and its wonderful to have a little sister like mine to keep sunshine in my life. She has the art of making sunshine wherever she go…