I'm an Author!

 Surprise! I know I never post on here anymore, but when you publish your first short story on Amazon Kindle you kind of have to post about it on every blog you can. So yes, I published a short story on Amazon Kindle. Synopsis Ella has narrowly escaped a fatal marriage once, but she plans to never be caught in that web again. It’s been easy to evade the young men of her church so far, but Joe is different.  Can Ella keep avoiding the ever-persistent Joe, especially when she knows her own heart is pulled toward him? Can she trust Joe and, more importantly, can she trust God? Is she willing to face her fears or will she continue to run, breaking more hearts than one? You can purchase it on Kindle for 0.99 cents or read it on Kindle Unlimited for free. If you read it and like it, please tell your friends and post a review on Amazon! Go check it out Here .

Tel Aviv: Mediterranean Sea

At the beginning of the week, Tyler and I went to the Mediterranean sea in Tel Aviv to enjoy the sun, beach, and water. It was a beautiful day to walk barefoot in the sand and the water wasn't too cold either. This is an odd sort of boat. We really aren't sure what it is for, so I took a picture of it. I love seeing all the boats. In one direction you face the city and all the buildings. On the other side is water as far as the eye can see.

Israel Pictures: Masada

If you did not notice already, I do most of my blog writing at my new blog. But Weebly is not really great for posting pictures, so I thought I would do a picture post here on this blog. Here are several pictures from my most recent adventures to Masada with my husband and our Historical Geography class. It was so refreshing to get out of the city and be in nature even though it was very desert like, dusty, and hot. Enjoy the photos and if you wish to read about more of my adventures in Israel, random thoughts, Poems, journalings, etc, go to my other blog here . However, if you don't care for reading, but do enjoy all the pictures, I may continue to post pictures here from time to time. The Sunset was so beautiful over the city. One of the Roman camps surrounding Masada. There wasn't a chance of Winnie the Pooh missing out on our most recent adventures at Masada, so here you find him basking in the sun among all the ancient ruins. The

New Blog

Dear Lovely Readers of Graced with Grace, As every ambitious young writer does, I have started a new blog. So if you would wish to continue following the writings and thoughts of Hannah please go visit my new blog at the following URL Yours Truly, Hannah Grace

A Peek Into Our Life

Sometimes life looks a little bit like this. I crochet while he reads. Quiet mornings where we can sit close.  

When I Read a Good Book...

      When I read a good book, I wish I could write as good a book; Be as excited to read my own writing, As the authors I love and admire For their own art of words. When I read a good book, And I laugh and I cry Or I feel just the same way As the author has described But I could never have known To say it in that way, Even though it describes me perfectly. And maybe I am a little jealous For not having thought of it first. When I read a good book And the words they use Are way beyond my own vocabulary use, Yet because they use it well, I still know what it means. And then I wish I could use those words In my own writing, But thy never seem to flow as well. Or I read a good book, Then I try to write, But end up staring for far too long At a white blank screen Till I give up And leave writing To those who really know how, And begin to wash the dishes instead.  

Colors of Calm Quietude

  Colors of calm quietude, Dreamy waters, The still evening air, Closing an another summer day.   Skies of soft purple hues, Sun slipping behind horizon, Gentle whispers of the wind, Another day's end.   Perfect tranquility, Reflections, Grace from the heavens For this day's beginning to end.