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Summary of James

It seems that the most reasonable author of James is Jesus’ brother, James. The most rational time for the writing of this book is probably around A.D. 46-48.             The theme of James seems to be that of tying faith and works together. Apparently there were some who thought that if they had faith then they were good to go and didn’t need to do anything else. Then there were some who did good works yet, they had no faith. James wants to make it clear that faith and good works must go together. If you truly do have faith in Christ Jesus, then your good works will prove it and vise versa.
A. What is the author telling me in James 1:1?             This letter begins with an introduction of who the author is and who he is writing to. James is a bondservant of God. He is writing to the twelve tribes scattered abroad. B. How should I respond to James1:1?             Because I am God’s bondservant, I need to serve Him in everything. James clearly enjoys being a servant of God because he call…