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My Flute Story

Ever since I was very young I have wanted to learn to play the flute, but because they are expensive I thought it might be a while before that dream ever came true if ever. Nevertheless that did not hinder me from looking in every music magazine for a flute. Yet every time I looked the price was too high and I couldn’t afford it nor could my parents. Then I heard the clarinet and decided that I would like to play that in instead, although I really wanted to play both. Well, many years went by and still nothing happened. I really kind of thought that I would probably not be able to learn to play either until maybe I was married or something, yet I didn’t give up. Then it happened. Someone at our church found out that I was interested in playing the flute and she offered to buy it for me. After looking we found a used one for a great price, so we bought it. After getting it we discovered that it needed a good bit of work and that it would cost a good bit to get it fixed. Yet the lady th…

Reminiscences of a Pencil

That's not a very good picture, but those are some of my pencils.I like little pencils as you can see.

My Pencil Stub

You dear faithful old friend, With you I wrote a letter to send. With you I wrote some Poetry. With you I wrote a sweet story.
You are now old and worn For many hours of school you’ve borne. Together you and I will make history Together we unfold a mystery.
I used you every fleeting day If only to pass the hour away. I used you tall; I used you short. I used you to write my oral report.
With you I wrote of days long past. With you I wrote what happened last. I used you when you were just a stub You are my friend; you are my bub.

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