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A Praying Mother

Dear Mom, There are a gazillion reasons to be thankful for you this day and every day of my life. I haven't the time to list it all, but their is one thing that has particularly stood out to me over the years, that I will mention here. Prayer. You are a mother of prayer. I watched you pray fervently when Micah was sick. You never gave up and always held on to hope. I watched you pray in agony and tears when God took your son home to be with him. I know you did hurt and still do hurt, but even when you were weak and hurting you ran to God in prayer and found strength him. I have watched you pray for your children. You plead to the Lord that we all would walk in the fear of the Lord, because you know that he is the only one worth living for and you want us to know that too. You always take every problem to the Lord in prayer, because you know that he is the only one who can truly help. You pray for your husband and friends. You pray without ceasing for your non-believing family.

The Longings of a Country Girl

  I closed my eyes All became so quite I thought for a blessed moment That I was back in my home Back in the country Back in the hills Away from the city Away from the noise For one small moment All was still   I opened my eyes And reality came back But the dream was still there Oh to be back in the hills once more   To feel the crunching leaves beneath my feet To listen to the birds as they twitter and tweet To watch the squirrels scampering for nuts To feel my hair be whisked in the windy gusts To feel my cheeks be kissed by the sun To hear the gurgling laughter of the creek run Oh to back in the country once more   I want to hear the owls hooting at night Or the dogs barking up a fright I want to hear the cricket’s song again And watch the lizards as they skitter on the rocks Or watch the snakes slither into holes And rabbits jumping out from a bush Or the deer dancing and prancing with fleet Oh to be back in the