100 Days of Thanksgiving (Day 45)

Ever since I learned how to tell time, I have been deeply fascinated with watches and clocks and just being able to know what time it is at any moment through the day or night! As my family knows, if my watch breaks, it is a necessity that I get a new one as soon as possible. I have noticed that more and more people don't care to wear a watch. They have their cell phone, iphone, or some other thingy-m-jigger that has the time on it, so they don't bother to wear a watch, but I' going to stick to wearing a watch. My wrist feels quite bare without it. ;) Not only that, but I don't have any of those thingy-m-jiggers (cell phones, ipods, mp3s, etc.). Call me old-fashioned if you want! ;)

Have a lovely day full of sunshine and pass on a smile! ;)

Your Blogging Friend,


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