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blue eyes, shockingly blond hair, and chunky cheeks. A bundle of joy lay in my arms, cozy, warm, and cute. A miracle from heaven, And a blessing from God, That's what you are to me. So tiny and small. Such a wee little lass. I wanted to hold you forever. Nine years pass, And you can no longer lay in my arms Yet you still bring joy to every heart. To hear your laughter, Makes me laugh, too, Even when millions of miles away from you. The funny things you say, The silly things you do. The smile on your face, And twinkle of mischief in your eyes. The girl who sits beside the one who is sick, Bringing comfort and joy to the weary soul. Your little servant hands and feet, Eagerly running to bring mom a glass of fresh water, Or dancing about the room with glee. Your mind so eager to learn, You read book after book, But your favorite, the Bible, God's holy word. Lydia, my Sugar, my nine year old sister, I love you.  

Imagination, Dolls, Cherry Pits, and Pudding! Oh my!

So think about me is that I have a very vivid imagination and if I am left to myself than that already very vivid imagination becomes even more vivid in an attempt to entertain myself. I'll give you a few examples for your enjoyment. When I was a little girl I had a great dislike for baby dolls. One of the reasons for this dislike was that baby dolls are soooooooooo cold. In fact, I sometimes tried to put my doll up to the fire place in the winter in hopes that it would warm up and be cozy. But, no, it still remained as cold as death. Therefore, I have thought of a solution. One should make a business of selling dolls that have rice, corn kernels, or cherry pits in them, so it can be heated up in the microwave and then become nice and cozy warm. And while I am on the topic of warmth. I thought of a great idea for a warm and very cozy blanket for all my friends of Minnesota. A blanket could made full of, once again, our beloved cherry pits, corn kernels, or rice and then just h

Because there is Joy in Pain

I see you in my mind, As I stare at the walls, Its been eight years. How I have grown. Tears still come. My life will never be the same. There's always gonna be pain. Life goes on. I laugh and smile, Because there is joy in tears. You'll always be missed, But in my heart you're still very near. As I stare at the walls, Its been eight years. For eight short years, You've been dancing before his throne. You worship at his footstool. Eight amazing years, And yet its the blink of an eye. Some day I'm coming. I'll join you around his throne. We'll dance and will worship, Christ on his throne. He chose us to be his, So we can worship him forever at his throne. Some day we'll join hands, And worship at his throne. I'm here, I keep pushing on. For the prize. For the goal. You're home, At his throne. And completely whole, And healed. You've reached the goal, You've got the prize. God had a plan for y