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Always Running Away

He says give me your heart, But I run away Only to come back The very next day With a broken heart. In despair, I kneel before the throne of grace And say “My heart Lord, do I give.” But the battle is not over yet. Arrogant and proud, I run once more. I can take care of myself; I will do things my own way; I can do it alone, And so I push him away And I run yet again. A broken and a contrite heart He won’t despise. So when all else fails, As it always will, I return to the throne of Love And cry. With tears of grief and sorrow I look into his loving eyes. God of mercy, God of Love, Hear my cry today, Calm my anxious heart, Give me your peace like a river, Give me your fullness of joy, And God above, Give me your love, That the Love in you, Would be the Love living in me. And so another day comes, But forgetting yesterday, And the stubborn girl I am, What did I do? I ran away again, I ran from his love,

The Country, a Taste of Heaven

I am a country girl through and through But I live in a loud bustling city. Sometimes I feel out of place Because my heart always longs for the country again. For the mountains and hills and fields, For green grass beneath my bare feet and a tramp through the woods, For long meandering country roads, And barns and old houses that tell stories, And creeks and rivers, and lakes or ponds, For cattle and farms and horses and chickens, too. All these things my heart longs to see again. So sometimes when I can't stand the city no more I just up and run away, I run away with a friend To her Wisconsin home where beauty is just outside the door. You look out the back door and all you see Is land and sky and birds flying high And the heavens declaring the glories of God And the earth showing forth his handy work And I smile because I am mostly home in this place. Its not the same as my southern home, But its close enough and beautiful enough And all I asked is to be out of the city Where peace is real and life gr…