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Reminiscences of a Pencil

That's not a very good picture, but those are some of my pencils. I like little pencils as you can see.

My Pencil Stub

You dear faithful old friend,
With you I wrote a letter to send.
With you I wrote some Poetry.
With you I wrote a sweet story.

You are now old and worn
For many hours of school you’ve borne.
Together you and I will make history
Together we unfold a mystery.

I used you every fleeting day
If only to pass the hour away.
I used you tall; I used you short.
I used you to write my oral report.

With you I wrote of days long past.
With you I wrote what happened last.
I used you when you were just a stub
You are my friend; you are my bub.

Live for Jesus!
Love one another!
Laugh a lot!
Smile big!  


  1. Thats a lovely poem! I love pencils to, but I must confess I dont have that many! :D


  2. Thanks Meggie!
    and those are just SOME of my pencils. I have a collect of unused pencils as well. hehehe!
    God bless!


  3. I really like this poem! It made me smile. I collect all kinds of school supplies, but mainly pens. :)

  4. Thanks Hannahbelle12! I'm glad it made you smile. ;)


  5. Oh my word Hannah, that's so awesome! I love stubby pencils too!! I love the poem, by the way... :D

    1. Haha! That is funny! I think there is a chosen few of us who have been destined to love stubby pencils. ;)
      Glad you liked the poem. This is an old post and an old poem. ;) So hopefully I have improved somewhat on poetry writing. ;)
      Thanks for leaving a comment, by the way. It always makes me happy to have a recent comment on an old post. It assures me that people are still reading my old posts (which could be a bad thing. Haha! ).

    2. Have no fear, Hannah dear, your poems are exceptional all around. :) Along with your old posts as well, which I am discovering and exploring! It is fun to have people look at your old posts, I would imagine!

    3. Thanks, Lauren!
      It is fun to have people explore my old posts. It means my posts haven't totally disappeared off the face of the planet or something like that. ;)
      So enjoy and explore to your hearts content!
      And I love comments. ;)

    4. I will do that! And I will try to comment more. ;)


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