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The Girl I was and the Girl I am

Me (in the red shirt)having fun playing in the mud with my brother.

What do you think of when you think of girls/females? You might think of the color pink or you might think of fancy dresses and lace. You might think of someone who does all the cooking or cleaning in the house, or you may think of fingernail polish, hair accessories, and jewelry. You might think of someone who doesn’t climb trees, but instead sits inside and sews, knits, crochets, or cross stitches. You might think of someone who has tea parties with her dolls. You might think of someone who talks nonstop. All of these things are known to be fairly girlish things to do. Then again, you do hear of those tom-girls who run wild, get dirty, and play in the mud with the boys. You know? The one who can’t sit still. The one who’s always getting themselves into scrapes. The one who hates to sew or stand in the kitchen and bake.
Well, I would say that I was more like the tom-girl type of girl. I have nine siblings, I am the ol…

A day in the Life of Five Sisters

Today is Saturday. It began like most any Saturday. We had a special breakfast of French Toast (usually it is good ol’ flapjacks, but today we had sumpin’ different) and we ran around tryin’ to get our morning chores done as quickly as possible. Then we headed for the great outdoors. It is one of our most favorite places to be. The only problem is, before long it began to rain, so what we gonna’ do about that? Well, we (my four sisters and I) are just going to go out anyway because rain won’t stop us. We decided to take a pleasant walk down our road. Ahhhh! Indeed! It was wonderful! We (well, maybe I should say I, for I refused to take a raincoat or umbrella) got plum soaked, but that wasn’t so bad. It is actually fun to play outside in the rain and get wet. Anybody that has done it, I’m sure knows what I’m talkin’ about. Then for Lunch we decided it was necessary to have a tea party, because…well…we didn’t want to get pneumonia (we weren’t really worried about that, but it was a good…

This Old Song

This Old Book

It is an old book,
It is the oldest book
It is hundreds and hundreds
And thousands of years old.
And men have said,
“Don’t believe that old book
It’s just old and full of stories
Out of date and almost dead.”

But men still read it,
They still believe it
They read verses and pages
And Chapters all the time.
After all these years
Other books come and go
But this one can touch the heart
And shake the world
When it is read.
When it is read, it wakes the dead!

And they get happy
And shout “Hallelujah, Amen!”
It sets ‘em free like jubilee
When they can see
what might have been.
And they sing
“Glory! Well I feel like liven’ again!”
It is good news
And they can choose
To loose the blues
And move to heaven.

It is an old book,
It is the oldest book
It has history and mystery
And won’t go away no matter what.
And men still say
“I believe that old book
It’s just as new and full of life
It gives me strength
Like it was bread.
It makes me wise,
And clears my eyes!”

Written by-Terr…

Something that Makes me Smile (and Laugh)

It is quite funny to watch my 6 year old sister try to teach herself how to ride a bike. Especially considering that the bike has two flat tires, a missing peddle, and a chain that needs greasing. (and very possibly other problems, too.)

Have a happy day and God bless you! Live for Jesus! Love one another! Laugh a lot! Make someone smile!