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Washing Blood Stained Hands

She said,
"I can wash these hands
And make them pure again."
So she washed and washed and washed
Her blood stained hands
But nothing could remove the blood from them.
She said,
"We will wash and make these hands
Cleans again."
But it could not be done,
The blood remained.

We say,
"We can wash
And make ourselves clean again."
We wash and scrub and try to clean
Those blood stained hands,
These blood stained filthy rags of ours,
But nothing we do can wash us clean.
We work hard and try to do good.
We try to make wrongs right again,
But nothing we do can make us pure within.

Another's blood must be spilled for us.
Pure blood, righteous blood,
Must be shed for her,
For you, for me.
He can wash us with his
Own shed blood,
His pure and holy blood,
And make us pure again.

No amount of self cleaning
Could cleanse her blood stained hands
Unless they are washed
In the holy blood of Jesus Christ,
Because he could make her whole again.

So dip your hands in his …