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All for a Cup O' Tea.....

Once upon a time in  a far away land, dreary and cold, there  lived a girl named Hannah. Now Hannah was not the average girl that one would meet on the street, but rather unique and a bit too odd, but then sometimes the oddest are the ones that the best of stories can be written of and so I shall tell of one of her many oddities.

This oddity has to do with her passion for tea. When it comes to drinking tea, she is quite particular. Tea should, if possible, always be poured from a tea pot and into a darling little tea cup. Tea cups and tea pots, after all, were created for this purpose, so why not put it to good use. Not only this, but being the southern girl that she is, she must have sugar or honey to sweeten her tea. Nothing within her being can make her truly enjoy unsweetened tea, so sweet tea it must be or as I over heard a southerner once say if tea is unsweetened it is like drinking a cup of grass or dirt flavored hot water. But to go on with the oddity of Hannah's tea, she …

With Laughter Back in My Heart

With panic in my heart
I hurried through another chapter
Another lesson, another book,
Reading with numb heart and mind.

I strove to get my homework done on time
Too busy to hear life happening all around
Too busy to hear the birds or feel the breeze,
Another busy week ahead, I cannot get behind.

I scrambled through another lesson,
Checking it off my never ending list of to-dos.
I closed my eyes to the lives around,
Stopped my ears to laughter and life's chime.

I marched on, trying to accomplish all my duties
Before the break of dawn.
If I stop all, I will crumble and fall,
I'll cry my eyes dry from the daily grind.

So I pull through another day.
I will survive, I say.
I can get my homework done
If I just try. But alas, I was not fine.

One day someone reminded me of laughter,
And oh, how good it felt.
Laughter? I have time for laughter?
I had tried so hard to do it all, but I had forgotten all.

In the business of life, I had forgotten
To laugh, to smile, to love, and to live…

Dance: The Litttle Girl's Secret

And it seems that today's word is.......

And so I write.

"Let them Praise his name with dancing..." Psalm 149:3

This is the picture that use to be on the wall of my parents home and it always made me smile. There is nothing to special about it, but it brings back memories, memories of joy and laughter and dance. And now it hangs on my own wall above my bed, so when I wake up I remember to praise his name with dancing. I don't dance that much any more, but let me tell you a secret. As a little girl, I loved to dance. I used to dance around and around in our family living room, the music blaring, not a care for how awful my form may have been, not a bit of grace in it. But it was just pure joy. But that was before I was embarrassed to let anyone see me dance. When I got older, I secretly still loved dance, but I didn't let people see me do it. It was too girly.  My older brothers used to play worship songs on their guitars in their room. So I would dance outside t…


Sometimes Winnie The Pooh just speaks truth.