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I Can't Do Anything, Yet Christ is My Everything

Sometimes life reminds me
I have no control,
No control over anything,
Over these frail circumstances, Life's confusion,
These momentary afflictions,
These heart wrenching,
Heart stabbing pains.
I want to do something,
I want to change it,
To fix it,
To make it all better,
But I can’t.
These are the moments when
I realize just how small,
How weak, How broken,
How insignificant I am.
I can’t do anything,
Yet Christ is my everything.
So on my knees I cry to him,
The healer of souls,
The forgiver of sins,
The giver of grace,
Of love unmeasured.
He makes us whole.
Christ is my all
And he has control,
So I petition him
On bended knees,
With an aching heart.
And he hears my cries
And he knows our needs.
He is sovereign,
This promise I hold dear.

Guest Post: Diablos and Arkaygos

I am excited to share with you another guest poem and this time from my very own dear sister, Elisabeth. Check out her own blog through the link below in her short bio.
Suna ambled through maples and beeches,
Wearing a peasant's shirt and breaches.
A lively young man, tall, thin, and ruddy,
He wandered through the woods, damp and muddy.

Life was a smile for Suna, full of cheer;
It was bubbles and dandelion seeds,
With a blue sky, shimmering, bold, and clear,
Droplets of dew on grass like diamond beads.


Then came Diabolos, that evil knight,
Then vanished all glimmers of hope or light.
Suna's world went from smile to frown,
And his liveliness went from up to down.

Diabolos smirked his devilish smirk,
He was far more than just “a piece of work.”
His eyes were fiercely black, his jaws were set.
Suna stood still with fright where they two met.

“You're mine, you've always been and always will,”
Diabolos sneered, coming nearer still.
Suna's heart battled his che…

A Few of My Favorite Things....

These are a few of my favorite things......