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  You’re a captive; You’re a prisoner; Put in jail by yourself By thoughts that torture, But thoughts that you allow. You hold to your pitiful hurts That weren’t meant for you to keep, Holding on to lies you create . Stuck in your own head. Tortured with your own tortures. No one is doing it to you. You do it to yourself. You keep yourself from living And block out life and joy, Because life and Joy Is found in Christ alone, Not in self. The truth will set you free, But you live in a lie. The truth is the gospel, But you take a lie over truth. And you live in the lie, And bask in that lie, And feed that lie, And make it big and ugly, And beautifully destructive. You love your lie, But you hate your life. Because of the lie you live, You’re a captive to yourself. You serve yourself And live to self And can’t let go of self. You are a prisoner to yourself, Imprisoned by yourself. But….. This isn’t the way it h

Capturing Beauty with Just the Eyes

She seeks to write What cannot be described In words alone, But a picture fails to do it justice too.   She leaves her camera behind   And writes these words in poem form.   Looking down upon the railroad tracks. No train passes by, But she pauses in her day to meditate. What makes her stop in think so hard? It’s only the tracks of a train, But somehow it stirs her heart to ponder, To travel to a distant land. She stares into the distance, but sees no farther. Life is somehow like that train track.   Or how does she describe that lone red tree Surrounded by white Burch and greenery. Something in the sight of it causes her to pause, To stare. That loneliness is her sometimes. She feels different, too, And a little out of place, She stands out from all the rest, But beautiful nonetheless. It’s a sight worth capturing, but not with a camera. It would only blur one’s vision and distort the true image, Rea

Caught Red Handed

Caught red handed Staring at the wall, Seeing down the hall, Searching his eyes, Striving for the skies. Caught red handed Contemplating life, Considering all the strife, Craving for the dream, Creating a new theme. Caught red handed Wandering through, Watching for the new, Waiting on his will, Willing to be still. Caught red handed Looking to the wind, Loving what life sends, Living in his grace, Leaning on his embrace. Caught red handed She sits over there, See her stare. Shamelessly she ponders Here her thought wanders.