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Summer Pictures

So I don't normally post a bunch of pictures, but I just thought these were some nice pictures and decided to share them with ya'll. Hope you enjoy! ;)

I hope you have an outstanding day filled with the joy of the Lord!

Summer in the Country

Summer is finally here and I am one happy girl! Summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year (not to mention the fact that is when my birthday is) and it makes it all the better that we live way out in the country.

I love running through the woods with bare feet or battling through blackberry brambles just to get that one luscious blackberry that happens to be in the middle of the patch of briers. Then I emerge from the brambles triumphantly holding that one blackberry and a million new little scratches all over my arms and legs. I love to hear the hooting of owls at night or else discovering a raccoon home in a tree near by. Oh the fun that my sisters and I have jumping on the trampoline and laughing just because. Or the pleasure we take from the hard work of building a new fort. I love to feel the hot sun against my cheeks and feel the breeze tickle through my hair. Sisters and a little imagination is all it takes to march though the woods on an adventure you never would have dre…

To Be Like Jesus

God only gave me a certain amount of days to live on this earth, so I want to live every minute of my time here for His glory, because that is what makes life really worth it. I want to enjoy all of His creation while I can, because He made it for us to enjoy. I want to love unconditionally the people that He has put in my life, because He loved me while I was still dead in my sin. I want to be a light to everyone I meet, because Christ lives in me and He is the Light of the world. I want to make the most of my day, by making a difference in the lives of others. 
To make one person smile is worth every second of my time. To make someone laugh is worth more to me than gold. To show someone they are loved just the way they are makes my heart glad. To show kindness to those who hate me is beautiful. To be a friend to the friendless is a friend indeed.