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The First Snow

Note:  I asked a friend what I should blog about and she said write a poem about the first snow. So here it is! It's always the first snow of the year That we remember the best. And all the details that surround That day are imbedded in one’s mind.   For me too, I remember. It was a busy day and began with rain And shopping and then to the kitchen To bake and cook.   It’s comforting to be in a kitchen With a warm stove by your side And a friend, and communion, And the Christmas tunes sung aloud.   And as we stay warm indoors And enjoy the art of creating good food, We watch the swirl of white outdoors, Dancing snowflakes sinking to the earth.   It calls to us to come and play, To dance and sing with careless joy. The heavens shake lose this cold wet white dust And blanket the earth.   It’s a marvel! Every flake different If you get up close, Yet all the same from a distance. How it flut

And Oh, How He Loves Me so!

Not sure where to begin, A story too big for me to tell the whole, Full of mystery, but a song of grace. I was pondering today, Of where I am and where I was.   I remembered days of old. Those hard days. Days of confusion, Of pain, of loneliness. Scary days, new adventures, Failing grades, failing at life, Those high school days. Yet in it all, God’s grace. God’s grace held me up, Though life was hard, He gave me friends, And laughter, Smiles and kind customers. And when the right time came He directed me to the next stage of life.   I welcomed the new season With fear and trembling. College life began. Hoping it would only last for two years. Eager to move back to the south, Get married and have kids was my dream. Eager to leave the cold winters And depressing falls, And papers and books behind. But instead more confusion, More fear. My ideas were not his. He told me stay and s