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Magic of the Forest

Not in a hurry, Not too briskly, She stepped Ever so lightly, Almost fairy like, But still quite humanly, Into the forest.   Really it was a matter Of one small step Out her door That immediately Ushered her into A land of trees, Crunchy leaves, Green and brown and grey, Rocks and stumps And beds of moss Beneath her feet. Trees that sway, Branches and logs, Spider webs to fight.   But it’s really the sounds, Or lack thereof, That perks her heart to listen. That is where The magic begins. The sounds in the forest, Are birds and chattering squirrels, Critters of the earth Slithering stealthily Beneath brown leaves. But another sound is heard In the deep of the woods Surrounded by trees And creatures of the earth.   The sound of peace, And tranquility

To Live

  “For to me to live IS Christ, and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 A well quoted verse that will often be found underlined in people’s Bibles, but how well do we really know this verse? How many of us really live our daily life with this truth in mind? How well do we actually even know what it does mean? I was thinking on this verse last night (a couple weeks ago now. Haha!) and questioning myself if I actually understood what Paul was saying and whether or not I could say it myself and really believe it with all my heart. What does it mean that “to live is Christ?” I think I have often thought of this verse as to mean that I need to live for Christ, but I don’t think that is altogether what is being said here in this particular passage. Of course, we are, indeed, to live for Christ, but this particular verse says that to live “is” Christ. That means that living is equal to Christ. So then what is that supposed to mean? From other verses it is made clear that we are d

Always an Adventure

  Three years ago this journey began. Three years ago I didn’t know these people existed or would ever be a part of my life, but now these are some of my greatest friends. Don’t be afraid to start a new adventure, to begin a new chapter, to turn down a path not yet trodden because you never know the stories that could be told, the people you will meet, the memories that will be made if only you are willing to step out in faith. Don’t be afraid to love a stranger because that stranger could become your best friend. Be willing to go where God leads.   Walk by faith and not by sight.   Three years ago I was scared to death to go off to college in the far off land of Minnesota, but now I am ever so thankful that I did.   I still have a journey ahead, there are still friends to make, more people to meet and place to go, adventures to be had and stories to tell. Still more tears and still more laughter, but I am ever so thankful for the people that are there or