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What Do You Think?

Hello! Do you like the new look on my blog? I hope you do, because I do and I don't have any plans of changing it back. hehehe! ;) Have a happy day!                                        ~Hannah~

Enjoyable Tasks

 This is Winnie the Pooh with Psalm 119:103 to go with it, that I cross stitched on to a bib. Five young ladies sat down to quilt. Laughing, chatting, or frowning with guilt. One young lady messed up and all will see, But just so you know, it wasn’t me. (Or was it me.... ☺.) Homemade pizza that my brother and sister made. Have a happy day and God bless you! Live for Jesus! Love one another! Laugh a lot! Smile big!


Just a couple random things. ;) This lizard was just sitting in my sisters hair just like that and she didn't put it there either. It was the funniest thing. Here is another picture of the lizard. It was a pretty small one.  I had made a Tie Skirt several years ago, but no one wanted to wear it, so my mom turned it into a Tie Dress for my youngest sister. It's so cute, isn't it?   And another picture of the Tie Dress. Also a blog with encouraging lessons, from my mom, and wonderful activities. Have a happy day and God bless you! Live for Jesus! Love one another! Laugh a lot! Smile big!  ☺

Random Stuff! ☺

Things I Love….. I love a six year-old’s smile when the front tooth is missing. I love to make people laugh. I love being a lefthander. I love to make people smile. I love my Savior. I love to serve. (Well, except those times that I don’t, but then I am missing out on something big.) I love the joy that comes from serving. I love to make people happy. I love to be a blessing and to know that I was a blessing. I love holding babies, especially when they fall asleep in my arms. I love riding horses. I love to hear people laugh. I love my family. I love blogging. I love comments. ;) What do you love? Blogs that I recommend you check out….. What blogs do you recommend I check out? A convicting quote… “If I can write an unkind letter, speak an unkind word, think an unkind thought without grief and shame, then I know nothing of Calvary love.” –Amy Carmichael- What quo