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☺ Do it all for Jesus With a Smile ☺

Do All to the Glory of God   As you wipe the toilet seat As you drink or as you eat Or scrub the children’s dirty feet Do all to the glory of God As you scrub the kitchen floor Or vacuum the carpet more and more Or repair that squeaky door Do all to the glory of God As you talk to your dear friend Or an eloquent letter you send Or the pants, you try to mend Do all to the glory of God As you cook the midday meal A bunch o’ taters you got to peel Or for bed time prayer you kneel Do all to the glory of God As you comfort a crying baby Or help a sweet older lady Or fall and scrape your knee Do all to the glory of God As you study your Grammar To be an expert diagrammer Though these things lack glamour Do all to the glory of God Written by- Hannah March 23, 2011 Special Thanks to my Dad who critiqued my poem and gave me good suggestions for improving it. Also to my Mom who unknowingly inspired me to write it. Have a happy day and God bless you! ☺ Live for Jesus! L

My Big Brothers

Well, I said that I would write about my brothers sometime so now I have to. For starters; brothers are the most annoying thing ever invented. They are always annoying their little sisters and they’ll do anything to make their little sisters cry. They’re always teasing and aggravating us girls. They never did learn to sit still and they are always picking up and playing with anything that is in their reach. And if their sisters are cooking something (especially something sweet), then guess what, they come in to get lots of licks, but they don’t even help clean up. They drive me nuts! I think they’re nuts themselves. Ok, I’m just kidding about all of that (uh, sort of :) ). The truth is, I love my big brothers no matter how many times they tease or annoy me (and trust me with four older brothers I got a lot of that when I was younger). Now I said I was just kidding about the above, but actually in some ways I wasn’t. Because you see they really did enjoy teasing and aggravating us

The Family Behind the House

Ha ve you ever wondered what kind of people lived in the old broken down and deserted houses you see on the side of the road. Have you ever wondered what the story is behind those houses? I have, many times. That is the reason why I love old houses because I know that they have a story behind them even if I don’t know what that story is. I always think; were they a happy family? Was their home filled with the joy of the Lord? Or was it a home full of anger and bitterness and strife? I always hope that it wasn’t that kind of family. Then I wonder; was it a family of poverty? Did they just barely have enough to get by? Or was it a wealthy family and own everything imaginable? Did they have a family member die and bring sorrow to the house? Was it an older couple that lived here? Did they know the love of Christ like I do? Did they own slaves? If so did they treat them cruelly or kindly? Did a big happy laughing family live there? Were there children running around in the back yard at one

No Friend Like a Sister

Sisters are just wonderful. It is even more wonderful when you have four of them. I love each one of them. (I love each one of my brothers, too. Brothers are amazing and it makes five sisters very lonely when all of their four amazing big brothers leave the home.) We have so much fun together. I am so thankful to God that he gave me four sisters (and brothers, but this post isn’t supposed to be about my brothers. Maybe I’ll do another post about my brothers.) My sisters make me smile. My sisters make me laugh. My sisters entertain me. My sisters are my best friends. We cook together. we talk together (a lot. What can I say? We are girls you know.). We laugh together. We love each other. Of course, we do have our little squabbles here and there to be sure, but who can stay mad at their sisters? Not us. Do you have sisters? If you do, treasure every moment that you have with them. We cook together We love each other We look like each other ( uh! Maybe.)