My Heart Can't Stop Missing you!

Today marks 11 years since my brother, Micah, went home to be with Jesus.  

Eleven years ago!
How could it be that long ago
That I last heard your laughter,
Last saw your smile,
Last listened to another of your jokes?
Your memories never fade,
But sometimes it seems impossible
That it really was eleven years ago.
To many things have occurred since then,
Too many new stories have been written,
Yet some how you are weaved in with memories
That shape our lives from day to day.
You drift through the air
In a thought, in a word, in a short story
Told of you. You're there yet it was still
Eleven years ago that I last heard your breath.
Too many years of silence,
Yet you still speak.
Too many years without you,
Yet your story still lives.
But oh, how I long to throw
My arms around you once more,
To listen to yet another joke
That always made me laugh,
To hear you sing and play your guitar–
Oh, to hear that voice again,
Loud and clear and beautiful,
Singing your praises to him.
Can I not dance just once more
To your song?
Can I not laugh
Once more at your joke?
Can I not ruffle your hair
Just one more time
Or play with your pens on your desk
And write my name in your notebook
And write silly poems for each other?
Just one more time, Micah!
Just one more time!
But, no, those years are gone
And instead I smile remembering
That new memories are yet to come,
When we can laugh and dance
Joke and run and even sing together
Around our king's throne.
But until that day,
It does not stop me from my heart
Missing you.
Sometimes with tears in my eyes
Or a hint of laughter on my lips.
As long as this earthly body
Separates me from you,
I will keep on missing you.


  1. What can I say, but me too! My heart is tight and my throat is choked with words that don't come because of the pain of missing Micah. I am so thankful for the cross and that some day I will see him again. He is cheering us on!


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