Girls in the Daisy Field

Giggly girls pick daisies
On a sunny golden afternoon.
Chatting happily,
While tossing pedals
Carelessly to the ground,
“He loves me, he loves me not...”
Then dancing away
Without a care in the world,
For girlish games
Are just for laughter and delight.
Grownup girls reunite
In a daisy field,
Picking daisies for old time’s sake,
Yet this time
With a slight hesitation
In their voice,
A seriousness in their tone.
This is no longer
Just a game,
But they really ask,
They really wonder,
Does he love me or does he not?
When she lets go
Of that very last pedal,
Will she be letting go
Of another dream?
Grandma’s now
With curly gray hair of wisdom
On their heads,
Join hands with their friends
For one last time.
Back to the daisy field.
Quieter and worn,
Yet at peace,
With soft gentle smiles
On their lips.
One last time they pick a daisy
And toss the pedals to the ground,
“He loves me! He loves me!”
With every pedal
They say, “He loves me!
My Savior loves me!”
And with that
The last pedal
Falls to the ground.
It wasn’t the dream they expected
Nor the dream they
First hoped would come true,
But they have learned
That “He loves me
No matter what!”


  1. Yes! He loves me! I have h found that life never comes out the way we think. But it always comes out best for His glory!


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