It's Not Every Day....

Its not every day
That I get to drive
On a meandering country road
On a dark starry night.
No sirens, no buildings
Except calm quaint houses
With a flickering light.
Not too many cars
Whizzing by,
Just a truck here and there.
Grandpa rocking on his front porch,
Grandma pulling the weeds
From the garden
She has faithfully nourished
For the past 78 years.
It’s just that.
You get into the country
And everything slows down
And it’s not every day that we can.
Children raking leaves,
Farms standing among rolling hills,
These are the pictures
That make my heart still
For just a moment.
Awe! It’s not every day
That I drive on long meandering roads,
Along gurgling creeks,
And down old faithful gravel roads.
Passing by horses and cattle
And that one lone Bison.
It’s not every day
That these are the sights
I see,
So I drink it all in
And I smile, grateful for today
And every day that it lasts.
Because I know the time is short
And before long I will be pulled back
Into the school load, and busy city
Where life never says enough,
Never slows down,
Never stops to breath.
It won’t be too long,
But I will relish the beauty and calm
While I can.


  1. That is a really nice poem! I love the country!

  2. I hope you will enjoy being here as much as we enjoy having you!


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