Guest Post: Weary Sinner

Here is another poem written by my friend, Ross. I hope you are blessed!
Weary Sinner
Dedicated to Caleb
Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)


Come weary sinner, all covered in blood
Come find forgiveness for wrong that you’ve done.


Now lay down your head, and lower your fist
The king of heaven will not one resist.


Come weary sinner, all covered in shame
Gladly will he save, your loss is his pain.


No harm will befall; His blood will suffice.
Only don’t linger, by grace be enticed.


Come weary sinner, it’s time to go home
Can’t you hear him call from his royal throne?

The day is near done; your time close to spent
So take this moment and at last repent.
Ross Tenneson is a third year seminarian at Bethlehem College and Seminary. He is hoping to be a pastor one day. When he is not studying theology, he enjoys playing soccer, reading good books, visiting with friends, and writing an occasional poem.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Ross!

  2. Hey, Ross, Hannah read this poem to me and I really liked it. Keep writing.


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