Same, but Not the Same

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Sometimes life seems to get boring. The same ol' same ol' happens every day. Or is it the same?

The same sun rises and sets each day, but is it the same sunrise or sunset that is painted across the sky?

Every single day I get out of bed and perform the same rituals, but is it the same? Its a new day and nothing is ever done in the exact same way. And every new day has every new blessing and every new grace. God never gives us the grace that was for yesterday. Today is new grace. New blessings. New sounds of laughter. New tears. New homework that must be complete. Every day is never the same day.

God never makes a duplicate. He never makes a same. There are similar. There are twins. But there is never the same. Never the same snowflake. Never the same sunset. Never the same person over again.

But one thing is the same. God is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. From before time was, God was and he still is and he always will be. God will always be God and that will never change. He is always Justice. He is always Love. He is always Holy. He always is the same.



  1. "God never gives us the grace that was meant for yesterday"

    I absolutely love this. Thank you. HE is always the same.

    1. Amen! It is wonderful to know that God will always give us fresh grace each new day and that we don't have to use the grace that was meant for yesterday.
      Thanks for commenting, Chrisi!

  2. I am so glad we can depend of God to always be the same. God is faithful!The same, yesterday, today and forever!

    1. Me too! I am thankful that in a changing world, we serve a never changing God! Thank you, mom, for teaching me these truths at such a young age!
      Love ya, Mom, and thanks for commenting!

  3. Thx for sharing...I know what you mean it can feel like everyday is the same. I just experienced an amazing weekend with my Mock Trial team in Atlanta where we placed 3rd and now I am home again. Life feels pretty everyday is the same...but yes, everyday is new but God is the same. :)


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