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One of my assignments for a couple of my classes is to keep what is called a Commonplace Notebook. So basically it is a notebook where I write down at least 5 quotes from each book that I have to read for that class. This is one of my favorite assignments that I have, except that even that is a little hard for me to keep up with. Haha! But anyway, I thought I would share with you some quotes that I have enjoyed from my readings in the past couple weeks, along with a little explanation why I liked the quote. Hope you enjoy!

"Courage, dear brother, this is no time to give in to fear. We have come so far, across so many mountains, and our journey is about to reach its goal." (Gilgamesh)

This quote stood out to me because I have had a lot of fears coming into this 3rd year of college. Fears that I will fail, fears that I won't be able to finish, fears that I won't understand what is being taught in class, etc.. Yet at the same time, I have already made it through my first two years of college and those are said to be the hardest years at this particular college, so I have really already come through some of the worst and yet I am still alive and thriving. What than is there to fear? I only have two more years (hopefully) of college before I reach my goal. (So there are a lot of good and Biblical reasons why not to fear, no matter the out come, but that should be saved for another post or else this one may get too long. ;) )

"Let your heart inspire you to be joyous in battle, to forget about death." (Gilgamesh)

This quote also had some significance to me, inspiring me to battle through school work with joy rather than focusing on the hardness of it.

"The house itself, could it take voice, might speak aloud and plain." (Aeschylus' The Oresteia)

I have always loved old houses because they always seem to have a story to tell and this quote seemed to say that thought nicely.

"Yes, when a man has lost all happiness, he's not alive. Call him a breathing corpse. Be very rich at home. Live as a king. But once your joy has gone, though these are left they are smoke's shadow to lost happiness." (Sophocles 'Antigone)

Although I am sure I am thinking of this quote in a different way than what Sophocles intended it to mean, I find this statement to be rather true. In truth, if one does not have true joy (which can only be found in Jesus Christ) than that person is essentially dead. Though one may have all the riches in the world, if he does not have Christ than he has nothing and true happiness can only be found in Christ alone.


  1. Those are great! I love quotes that inspire thought and that can be viewed (and perhaps twisted) with a Christian perspective. The "Commonplace Notebook" sounds like a good idea!

    1. Yeah, its fun to find new quotes from various sources and even be able to find inspiration from writers that I wouldn't have thought to go to initially. ;)

  2. Very nice! I too am keeping a Commonplace Notebook this year. :)

    1. Oh, cool! Is that for school or just for fun?

    2. It's for school but it can be for any quotes from books I read. :)


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