My Life in Two Pictures

Coffee and book
coffee and Greek

And always a lot of grace.....


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    1. Well, thanks, you two! :) If you can't understand it, you mine as well be creative with it. :P

  2. Nice! Wow, the Greek sounds interesting! Coffee, not so much (yes, I'm one of those infamous coffee haters), but whatever works to keep you awake and engaged I suppose!

    1. Haha! Greek is interesting, but also sometimes impossible. ;)

      Confession: I am not really a big fan of coffee either, in fact, I think black coffee is the most disgusting thing ever, but I do enjoy a little bit of coffee with a lot of carmel, Cream, and sugar. Haha! So basically I like sweet stuff and a little bit of coffee to add some flavor. ;) And for me its the sugar that keeps me alert, not the caffeine. Lastly, I just like coffee shop atmospheres to study in and you have to buy something when you go to a coffee shop, so.....;) And that is the end of my lengthy reasoning. :)

    2. Ah, in that case, I agree with you entirely! I can't claim to dislike espresso or something like that. :) Black is awful. :)

    3. Glad we're back on the same page! ;)

  3. Mm the coffee looks delicious!

    Some of my friends had to take Greek in college and they said it wasn't very fun at all :/ The Greek page looks pretty, though :)


  4. Yeah, Greek is definitely one of my trails in life. But I did have fun creating that page during the time that I did not want to be studying it. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Emily. ;)


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