Little Moments in Life

-That moment when you realize you can probably see more clearly without your glasses on than with them on because they are so dirty.

-That moment when you suddenly realize you have said "yes" to way too many things and also realize that you are still just as human as you were before and begin to wonder if it is humanly possible to do everything you had said "yes" to do. Yikes!!!

-That moment in Greek class when your professor says something about the second person plural and singular being confusing because it is both translated as "you" and the southern girl thinks, "uh, no it ain't! 'You' is singular and 'ya'll' is plural." (Don't worry, I didn't say it out loud. ;)

-That moment when you drive all over town trying to find a place to park, just so you can run into a friend's house to grab a book and leave again.

-That moment when you burn your lip from a fork that you try to eat off of after just holding it over a flame. (Don't question this!)

-That moment when you see a video that gets you all excited because someone else speaks your southern language and you miss it so much because your living in the north.

-That moment when you have to start doing real parallel parking and discover that it isn't always that bad.


  1. I love your first point, your second point, your third point - okay, so it keeps going. :P And I *totally* get the thing about living in the north and missing the south. (Why do people not know how to say "water" up here?? :P)

    1. Haha! I know! The word that always gets to me, here in Minnesota is "bag" which they always pronounce with a long vowel sound instead of the short vowel sound as the phonics rules have taught us. ;)

  2. Love your 4th point...we just spent about 5 days in Atlanta and let's just say that finding parking that close to where you need to be, cheap, and safe is not easy! hehe


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