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The People I Observe

I love observing people and sometimes they just make me smile. Like right now as I sit in lovely local coffee shop writing this post I see a little girl sitting at another table nearby, eating a cup of ice cream. I don’t know really anything about her accept for what I observe, yet I already know she must be a girl after my own heart because she eats ice cream. She’s quite, just enjoying the ice cream, watching her surroundings, observing others like I do. Maybe she is not always so quite or so well behaved, but I can’t help, but love her. She seems to be a gentle sort of girl.
Another girl that put a smile on my face or actually several smiles is girl I saw at church one Sunday. I stood at one of the doors into the sanctuary handing out bulletins to the congregation. She was in the back with her family. Young, but ladylike. That’s how she first struck me. I think she must have been the oldest daughter for she had that big sister/helper look to her. At one point our eyes met and she gave me the sweetest smile ever and I smiled back at her. Several times after that, we would glance at each other and smile. She had the sweetest tender loving smile ever. Ever since then I have endeavored to find that family again for I never had the chance of meeting her, but am convinced that we would be friends immediately if we could be. I know my church is large and that it seems unlikely for us to cross paths again, but I've seen other unlikelies happen before, so I won't be put down yet. Maybe we shall meet again. Maybe the next time we won't have to just look at each other and smile, but maybe next time we can actually talk to each other and become real friends. Age-difference never stopped me anyway. ;)

Do you like to observe people? Was there ever someone you observed and just knew that you would be friends with if you could be? Do you ever smile at a stranger, no matter the age difference gap that there may be?


  1. This is a lovely post. I also enjoy observing people and writing down what I see.


  2. I also enjoy observing people. Since I work in a small shop I see lots of people come in a out and they are all different. I too often write down what I see, it is quite interesting. =)

  3. Those must be quite the quiet girls! ;)
    They actually make me think of a little girl I know who is the oldest girl in her family with 4 younger sisters and 4 older brothers, who is all grown up now!

    1. Haha! But that little girl was not a quiet girl in any way unless she was being severally shy. And she is still not really very quiet. ;)

  4. Oh, I definitely do a lot of observing (and less talking!). Sitting in the car while Mom runs into the store is a favorite thing to do. In fact, the other day, Lydia and I watched a young boy show-off for us. That was quite amusing. I sure love to smile at people and hope that it makes their day.

    1. He,he! It's funny that you should mention HIM, I was thinking of people at the gas station!!!

  5. Yes; Yes; Oh my! yes!

  6. Oh me oh my, I love doing this. One of the reasons why I like working in coffee shops so much! Anyway, I recently found your blog through the comment you left on my blog (, thanks for stopping by!). I LOVE your lil corner of the internet!

    1. Yes, coffee shops are such a great place to observe people. Love them! I tried really hard to get a job at one this summer, but it didn't end up working out. But I love the job I do have instead.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I love all the comments you left! ;)


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