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The Journal and the Journey

Beginning a new journal, but I never know what to say for that first page.

The beginning of a new journal, but the continuation of the same story, the same journey.

One more volume of the tale has been completed, but another volume must begin.

I like to leave the last page of my journal empty. It reminds me that the story is not over. Its "to be continued."

The story is not over until the Author says so and I am not the author, I am just a scribe writing as I see and hear and feel and taste.

But I don't know the Whole. I only know in part because I only see in part. So as a scribe, I only write in part.

But he, the Great Author, knows the whole and has written the whole and the whole is a beautiful story.

So the story I write is only a fraction. Where I begin and where I leave off is only a very small fraction of the Whole.

Between the lines of the story I write, is a very different story of what my Creator writes.



  1. That is very creatively written and something I haven't given a lot of thought to before. You speak so much of God but never actually use the word, God.

    1. Is it a good thing that I write that way sometimes? ;)

  2. Excuse me for obsessively commenting on all your past blog posts! I just found your blog and each post resonates with me so much. Seriously, each post title makes me think 'oh that is something I believe' or 'I was JUST thinking that!'. Girl! I think we may be long lost twins : )

    1. Haha! Susanna I love all your comments! I love finding someone who thinks similarly as myself!

    2. Also, I always have wanted a twin. ;)


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