Only Defined by His Word

Sometimes I let other people persuade me and tell me who I am.

People look at my life and sometimes voice their opinion of me, telling me I am this or that. I am not so displeased with the people who say things as I am displeased with myself and how I receive it.

I allow people to define my life for me with just one word. But can any one really be defined in just one word? How shallow a life that would be and yet I allow it for my own life sometimes.

If someone says I am X, I begin to live X, whether X is a good thing or bad thing.

Or maybe someone said I am Y and so I allow that to define me, as well.

I sometimes live in a small box because I let others define who I am and often times that is a very small box, its only one very small part of who I am and yet I let it rule my life.

Someone sees one very tiny aspect of my life and I allow that one very tiny aspect to control my life. It may even have been something that showed its face because of one particular circumstance and yet suddenly because one person said that I was that, it now runs my life and could be also ruining my life.

I was never meant to be defined by my brothers and sisters of the human race because they know so very little about me or who I am. I am not saying that I should disregard all that they ever say, but neither can I let their words define me and control me.

I am a child of God, created by God and He is the only one who knows me inside and out, to the very depths of my soul, thus, his words are the only words that can truly define me and his words should control me.

Do you have friends who define you? Do you live up to the one word that someone said of you just because they said it?

Be so comfortable in who God created you to be and in who God says you are that when someone tries to define you, it can't control you.

Allow God to define who you are and measure everything that everyone else says to what God says and if it is the same as what God says, then and only then can you believe it to be true.



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