I haven't written too much lately, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening, although life does seem to be kind of slow right now. I am trying to find a job for the summer, but already more than half the summer seems to be gone.

Summer has had it adventures and highlights and also lows, so I thought I would share a few of them with you and because everyone loves pictures, I will share some pictures that go along with some of my favorite moments of this summer so far. ;)

The first highlight of my summer was going home for a month to visit my sisters and parents. The low about going home was getting my Wisdom-teeth pulled (of which you shall have no pleasure in seeing the pictures of my chipmunk face because I am not going to share that with you. Muwahahahaha!)

But there were several highs to my visit. One sister graduated high school and another sister I got to watch at her violin recital. I was able to visit with several friends, read several good and relaxing books, go to the library, revisit my old friends from Southbound, and breath fresh country air. Other special moments at home include....

hiking at hanging rock with the family and these two love birds...
making this delicious "Ugly Apple Cake" with a friend...
getting engaged.... (ahem!.....jk!)...

and this lovely storm.

The next highlight of the summer was volunteering at The Women's Gospel Coalition Conference in Indiana with three of my siblings and my mom.

it was a busy weekend, but....

I was able to meet this special friend who before I only new from the blogging world.

From there I drove back to Minneapolis with my sister, her boyfriend, and another friend. It was a crazy ride with much laughter and amusing stories told. Apparently I become a little weirder than I already am by 2 or 3 in the morning (how that's possible I don't know), but in my defense I was just trying to keep the drivers awake. We also came across....

pretty sunsets that made my heart dance with the windmills.

Getting back to Minnesota has been great. Seeing friends at church, making random and impulsive bookstore runs because we love books so much, drinking coffee, applying for jobs, having summer parties, watching Jane Austin movies, and sometimes....

going swing dancing.

The summer isn't over yet and I know I will experience more highs and lows and there are more adventures to be had before school starts back up again. So for now I say adios!


  1. Sounds like a pretty nice summer! Yay, you got to swing dance!


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