100 Days of Thanksgiving (Day 17)

Homemade Bread!
It's the best when it is straight out of the oven and the butter just melts on to the bread. So delicious!
Maybe I should share my bread recipe with ya'll. Is anybody interested in it? It is really easy and makes 4 loaves.


  1. Yes you should share the recipe! Your guys bread is one of the best breads!

  2. I second that, Maggie! Y'all always make the BEST bread!

  3. Thanks Maggie and Michaela!
    Ya'll are so sweet to say that. I am glad you like our bread so much! I will try to post the recipe soon.

    1. you defiantly should!(the reason there is no capitalization is because Ben is asleep on me)

    2. Hehe! I like your reason for no capitals. I wish I could hold sweet Ben.


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