Post 101

Yay! I have reached 100 posts! This is actually my 101 post. Isn’t that exciting? I started blogging on December 31, 2009. My first ever post was about modesty, something that I am very passionate about and love to see others passionate about, too. I have written about the importance of men cooking, the joys of having many siblings, thoughts on pencils, and much much more.  When I started my blog my desire was that my blog be an encouragement to all that read it. I pray that every single post (past and future) be a blessing in some way to someone. I hope that each post will either bring comfort, joy, laughter, a smile, encouragement or some how reach out to the person who reads it. So thank you everyone who reads my blog, or has read my blog. You are a blessing to me even though I may not know who you are. It blesses me to have people read the things that I write.

God bless you!
Have a happy day filled with sunshine, smiles, and laughter!


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