To My Sister Elisabeth

Dear Elisabeth,
Happy 15th birthday! I am a truly blessed girl to have you as my sister. I love doing crazy things with you. I love it that all we have to do is look at each other and we start laughing. I am glad that we can disagree with a lot of things, yet still love each other. It adds to the fun of being sisters. Thank you for sometimes being kind enough to laugh at my silly jokes and then making me laugh because you are laughing. I love it that you are unique in your very own way. I love how you like to make weird concoctions that you say are really good, but honestly I think would be nasty. I love it that you are willing to do what is right even if that means standing alone. I love to watch you grow into a beautiful and godly young lady who is passionate for Christ. I love it that you are and always will be my little sister, even though you are taller than me. Mostly I love you simply because you are you. I love that you are different than me and I never want to change that. You are a beautiful spot of sunshine in my life. I love you!

                                                                        Your crazy Sister,
                                                                                          Hannah Grace


  1. Please tell your sister "Happy Birthday" for me! Thanks =)

    I'm a follower of your blog now :)


    1. Thank you, Bethany and I passed the message on to Elisabeth!

  2. Thank you, Hannah, you are a good sister to me, too!

    Love Elisabeth


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